A Gaint leap of faith

“Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage”


Firstly, let me start by thanking you for joining me on my journey of self-expression and using that voice I’ve been given to send a message, bring awareness and at times encourage you to keep keeping on.
My Name is Khanyisa Nkohla and I come to you as a sister, daughter, partner and friend. When I decided that I wanted to start a blog I was asked what would I be blogging about and I found this question difficult to answer not because I did not know what I wanted to talk about but because I have many topics and issues that I want to address, I mean, I want to treat this blog as a platform where we can come together and discuss the many obstacles we face as women.

My passion is woman and building strong and united females that stick dominate in their individual spaces. I want our girls to understand that they are beautiful and together we form a beautiful rose bush.

Let’s talk about the thorns underneath the rose bush, we fall more times then we can count, we go through stages of stupidity and desperation, we lose our self-worth, we are confused, we are lost, and we all feel used at some stage in our lives,These are the thorns we carry on our stems.

Let’s take a leap of faith, let’s talk, lets encourage each other.
Join me as we tackle the different aspect in the life of a rose.

You might be wondering why I addressed you as La-Bella in the beginning of my introduction. La Bella is of the Latin origin (La Bella, Labella) literally means ‘the beautiful (female)’

Darling Reign xoxo